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Head of Investigations (Volunteer)

A vacancy exists for a HEAD OF INVESTIGATIONS in the TUSKS (Tactical Universal Surveillance Knowledge-based System) unit of Serendipity Wildlife Foundation.  Serendipity Wildlife Foundation is based in the United States and operates in Africa and Asia.  Our organization consists of three divisions: CSIwildlife that deals with training wildlife personnel in wildlife crime scene investigation; TUSKS is an intelligence and investigative unit that investigates wildlife crime; and Special Projects, which is currently conducting the Cheetah Project in Kenya. Serendipity Wildlife Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization that in return provides free services to our partner NGO’s and governmental organizations.



The unit comprises of two main job functions.  Investigative Analysts are located in various countries around the world and investigate wildlife crime through electronics, artificial intelligence, and technology.  The initial investigation is handled by the Investigative Analysts, before being forwarded to law enforcement. Community Scouts are located only in the countries we operate in, and provide “boots on the ground” intelligence information to the Investigative Analysts.  TUSKS works with other law enforcement and investigation agencies around the world, sharing valuable information on poaching, trafficking, illegal bush meat, and animal body parts.  TUSKS ground operations consist of using sophisticated electronic equipment to track wildlife criminals on the ground, and provide intelligence to law enforcement in their jurisdiction.



  • Supervise and assist Investigative Analysts, when needed

  • Checking and approving reports forwarded by Investigative Analysts, and forwarding to the appropriate jurisdiction

  • Conducting further investigation, if needed

  • Keep in contact with the foundation executives, and keeping them updated on major wildlife crimes

  • Work with the foundation’s social media personnel, when needed

  • Work with, and communicate with representatives of other international organizations

  • Can be located in any part of the world, and use a computer via VPN to conduct volunteer work

  • The Head of Investigations will volunteer approximately 5 hours a month using his/her computer to conduct work.  These hours will need to be split up during the month, most times at the convenience and availability of the applicant



  • Should have a law enforcement experience in criminal investigations, crime scene unit, patrol unit, electronic forensics, or military police.  He/she can be presently working, or retired.  Working intelligence, and/or undercover is a plus. 

  • The applicant should be able to read, write, and speak fluently in English.  Being able to communicate in other languages is a plus.

  • Have a good knowledge of cybercrime and conducting investigations. Electronic forensics and electronic surveillance are a plus.

  • Be able to offer advice, and even mentor Investigative Analysts and Community Scouts.

  • Be able to adhere to the high level of ethical standards and confidentiality required for the position.

  • Be able to pass a background investigation, pass a psychological test, and other required tests.

  • The volunteer position requires a minimum of two years commitment to the job, operating from home or any location the applicant is in.



  1. Fill in the online application and attach a resume at

  2. If selected into the suitable candidate pool, you will be invited to complete a background questionnaire online.

  3. You will also be required to complete a psychological test, English skills test, and a supervisory test online.

  4. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.




There are no current vacancies for any other positions

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