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Our volunteer projects will be starting in 2019.  Volunteers will be able to spend one or two weeks in Kenya or Sri Lanka.  Volunteer duties will include some of the following.

  • Assisting in documenting animal movements.

  • Assisting in setting up and maintaining camera traps.

  • Animal photography and cataloging of photographs.

  • Teaching in village schools.

  • Assisting in community conservation programs.

  • Working on Eco projects associated with wildlife.

  • Teaching evidence recovery and collection. Specialized volunteer

  • Medical assistance. Specialized volunteer

  • Veterinary assistance. Specialized volunteer

  • Electronic assistance. Specialized volunteer​

Specialized volunteer - There will be an increased need for specialized volunteers, specially veterinary assistance.  

Volunteer applications for overseas projects are not available yet, but please email us at mail@csiwildlife.org if you have questions.

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