Volunteers will be able to spend one or two weeks in Kenya or Sri Lanka.  Volunteer duties will include some of the following.

  • Assisting in documenting animal movements.

  • Assisting in setting up and maintaining camera traps.

  • Animal photography and cataloging of photographs.

  • Teaching in village schools.

  • Assisting in community conservation programs.

  • Working on Eco projects associated with wildlife.

  • Teaching evidence recovery and collection. Specialized volunteer

  • Medical assistance. Specialized volunteer

  • Veterinary assistance. Specialized volunteer

  • Electronic assistance. Specialized volunteer​

Specialized volunteer - There will be an increased need for specialized volunteers, specially veterinary assistance.  

Volunteer applications for overseas projects are not available yet, but please email us at mail@csiwildlife.org if you have questions.

There are no current vacancies

"Its not whether animals will survive, its whether man has the will to save them"


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