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After starting our training with traditional forensics such as fingerprints, DNA, impression evidence, and crime scene photography, there was an urgent need to analyze electronic evidence that was being retrieved.

While still continuing with a very successful traditional CSI program, we are hopeful that the electronic forensic program will have the same success.

We found that game guards and anti-poaching personnel were seizing cell phones, laptops, USB sticks, and other electronic items and booking them into evidence without taking a look at what they contained.  Sometimes they would glance through the cell phones if they were unlocked, and that would be about it.  There was no thorough analysis of the device, and valuable evidence and possible leads were being lost.

There was a lack of knowledge, training, and even enthusiasm to delve into these electronic devices and retrieve valuable data.  Policies and procedures that had        been written decades ago, and sometimes even before the existence of electronic device analysis software, prevented personnel out in the field further investigating devices that were ‘live’. 


There was also the issue of seizing the device as evidence, booking it, and then going through the lengthy process of waiting several weeks, or even months so

that the central electronics lab, sometimes located hundreds of miles away would analyze it.  By the time information was retrieved from the device, the suspects would be long gone, or released due to lack of evidence.

What we do

Serendipity Wildlife Foundation works with eligible organizations offering training, and setting up satellite forensic workstations.  Training and consultation is provided at no charge, and equipment is usually donated. 

The host organization provides work-space and an internet connection.  Depending on your expected work load, we provide the software needed.  If the need arises, our computer forensic experts are able to access your satellite station remotely and even analyze electronic devices that you have.  Intelligence and classified information regarding wildlife crimes can be shared with us and other satellite workstations that partner with us.    This service is offered free of charge.

  What we can do for you

  • Analyze cell phones that have been recovered from a wild life crime scene, located during a search, or found on a suspect.

  • Do a quick search of laptops and desktops for evidence associated with the crime, such as photographs, video, and e-mail.

  • Do a thorough search of the hard drive for hidden evidence, and data stored in the cloud.

  • Search USB sticks, media cards, and external hard drives for evidence and deleted data that can be recovered.

  • Conduct searches on GPS systems.

  • Conduct social media searches using specialized software.

  • Conduct intelligence investigations and monitoring by partnering with your organization.

  • Assist in providing satellite images, if needed.

  • Conduct surveillance of wildlife crime suspects.

  • Attempt to recover data on electronic media that has been damaged by fire, water, or willfully destructed by suspects.