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CSIwildlife    Wildlife Crime Scene Training

What we can do for you


  • Identifying weapons and bullets.

  • Comparison of the casing found at the scene with a casing test fired from recovered gun.

  • Investigate a shooting crimes scene where an animal has been killed, and determine trajectory (angle of the shooter, if the shooter was standing, and the possible distance of the shooter.

  • Gun Shot Residue testing to identify shooter.



  • Photograph crime scene.

  • Find the possible cause of death.

  • Locate projectiles in the animal.

  • Determine trajectory (Angle of shot, standing or lying down), and possible distance the shot was fired.

  • Photograph shoe/foot prints and tyre tracks with scale and preserve in database for comparison.

  • Recover latents from horns and tusks.

  • Obtain DNA swabs from evidence to be sent to a lab for testing.

  • Presumptive testing of blood to determine if human or animal.



  • Suspect cell phone analysis.  Obtaining messages, data, phone numbers, directory information,    

       voicemails, and GPS locations from cell phones.

  • Computer download and analysis.  Analyze a suspect computer and investigate its contents.  There is a possibility of even recovering deleted data.

  • Recover evidence from external hard drives, SIM cards, flash cards, GPS systems, and USB drives.  Even deleted data can be recovered.

  • Social media investigation and locating subjects.

  • Location tracking.



  • Evidence recovery and crime scene training.

  • Training to recover latents (fingerprints) from horns and tusks, and submit to a database.

Explaing the operation of a trap camera to Anti-Poaching personnel.


If your agency or organization would like to request for assistance in forensic investigation and/or training, please read below.

All ballistic and fingerprint (latent) examinations and analysis are performed by experienced and qualified personnel who have volunteered their time and resources.  Our Instructors have several years of experience training in the CSI field.
By clicking on the button below and submitting your information, one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your needs.

Evidence collection training

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